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La Jolla Logic’s (LJL) commitment to innovation continues as we have strengthened our partnership with the Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC, through the establishment of a formal Joint Venture… the Pacific Crest Alliance.  This meaningful partnership allows us to accelerate the future of technical advances for our military and government clients, while leveraging the ease of small business contracting vehicles (such as 8(a), WOSB and OTA Non-Traditional status) providing access to proven, world-class ‘bench strength’ in complex and challenging technical arenas.  La Jolla Logic’s CEO quotes, “We’re thrilled to consider all the exciting outcomes this advantageous relationship will deliver for both businesses.  The fit with Sierra Nevada Corporation was natural for us as our missions of innovation and technology advancement are tightly aligned.”

With over 5000 employees and 32 locations, Sierra Nevada Corporation is an honored Tier 1 aerospace company and Superior Supplier for the US Air Force. They have a consistent record of developing innovative technological solutions in a rapid and agile production environment with an entrepreneurial approach. SNC brings a results-focused mindset and culture of inquisitive innovation to the next frontier of technology. La Jolla Logic, as a small business entity, has become a nationally recognized cybersecurity and advanced technology firm.  LJL’s professional team has significant experience developing, deploying, and fielding new advanced technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Both La Jolla Logic and Sierra Nevada Corporation are privately-held woman-owned, woman-led businesses, supporting the Federal Government in the advancement of military technologies.  The synergies created through the Pacific Crest Alliance joint venture ensures the full suite of both companies’ complementary and industry-  technical capabilities can be brought to meet the demands of today’s emerging technology challenges.

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